Avanim (Pietre)

Duration: One hour

The ORTO-DA Theatre Group was created in 1996 by six actor-mimes, specialised in street theatre, who were looking for a new expressive language. Their research was aimed at harmonizing the cultural roots of traditional theatre (“Orto” seen as the roots of the orthodox) and at the same time exploring new territories of theatrical art (“Da” like Dada). Futhermore, again in Hebrew, the term leads to another two concepts: “Or” means “light”, “Toda” means “Thank you”. Among these etymological roots lies the key to the company’s work, whose members bring to the stage a post-modern fusion of mime, clowning with a touch of darkness, dance and visual art, creating a unique style of great immediacy which touches the audience, overcoming all linguistic and cultural boundaries.

For Avanim, the ORTO-DA group was inspired by the monument sculpted by Nathan Rapoport in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto, erected in 1948 at the entrance to the Ghetto. With extraordinary make-up, made to resemble the figures of the monument, the actors – initially as immobile as stone – slowly begin to move until they come to life. Projected into the 21st century, the characters begin an intimate journey through consciousness and time, a poetic journey through minds and memories, the present and history.



Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
dal 27 gennaio all’1 febbraio 2015
recite serali: martedì 27, giovedì 29 e sabato 31 gennaio ore 19.30
mercoledì 28 e venerdì 30 gennaio ore 20.30
domenica 1° febbraio ore 16
per le scuole: mercoledì 28 gennaio ore 15
venerdì 30 gennaio ore 10.30
Avanim (Pietre)
una creazione di Yinon Tzafrir
tratta da "The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument" di Nathan Rapoport (1911-1987)
drammaturgia Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
regia Yinon Tzafrir, Daniel Zafrani
consulente artistico Avi Gibson Bar-El
scene Miki Ben Knaan
parrucche e attrezzeria Tova Berman
suono Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir
luci Uri Morag
con Avi Gibson Bar-El, Mott Sabag, Hila Spector, Nimrod Ronen, Michael Marks, Yinon Tzafrir
produzione ORTO-DA Theatre Group
lo spettacolo è presentato a Milano in collaborazione con Ambasciata d'Israele in Italia