Light Killer

Duration: 1 hour with no interval

The story of a Faustian pact, Light Killer tells of the adventures of Mikail and HotCal, young and luminous, who give their light to Greco, a mysterious artist, in exchange for fame and beauty and, one day, the chance to become works of art. Disturbing side-effects bring the heroes to face difficult decisions.

The Light of the title is light in the sense of illumination, but also weightlessness and versatility.

Words, body, image: three different languages to tell a story of two bodies and their light. Mikail and HotCal, young and luminous, are recruited by Greco, a mysterious artist, who wants them to shine for him. In exchange for their light, Mikail and HotCal hope for fame and beauty, and to become themselves works of art. However the division of light and body, the undisputed speciality of Greco, is not without its disturbing side effects… Light Killer, written by Magda Barile and translated by Maggie Rose, is the story of a Faustian pact, where the heroes are forced to choose sides, shadow or light, within their bodies or without.


Light Killer forms part of WORDSANDSOUNDS, a project dedicated to mother tongue theatre created thanks to the productions of the Charioteer Theatre, the Scottish company from Edinburgh formed by Laura Pasetti. This year the collaboration has been enriched, lasting for the whole of January 2015, with three productions, To be or… Note!Shakespeare vs Shakespeare and Light Killer­- created with a scholastic and university audience in mind but also aimed at evening audiences, alongside workshops for teachers and students.

Piccolo Teatro Studio
from 8 to16 January 2015
Thursday 8 h 7.30 pm; Friday 9 h 8.30 pm; Saturday 10 no performance; Sunday 11 h 4 pm; Monday 12 no performance; Tuesday 13 h 7.30 pm; Wednesday 14 h 8.30 pm; Thursday15 h 7.30 pm; Friday 16 h 8.30 pm
Light Killer 
by Magdalena Barile
translated by Maggie Rose
directed by Laura Pasetti
lighting Manuel Frenda
music Zeno Gabaglio
with Alan Alpenfelt and Adele Raes
Charioteer Theatre and Zweetz coproduction
in collaboration with and with the support of Italian Cultural Institute of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fringe Festival preview – August 2014

Performance in English
For Second Grade Secondary Schools, Universities and evening audiences