Shakespeare vs Shakespeare on air

Duration: 1 ora e 25 minuti

A group of actors reciting Shakespeare for a radio programme are trapped inside the radio station after a terrible disaster strikes the Earth and, possibly, wipes out the entire population.

They decide to keep acting, choosing scenes from Richard III, Measure for measure, Julius Caesar, The tempest, and Romeo and Juliet, in order to survive, to remain human, and in the hope that someone out there is still alive and listening…

Shakespeare vs. Shakespeare forms part of WORDSANDSOUNDS, a project dedicated to mother tongue theatre created thanks to the productions of the Charioteer Theatre, the Scottish company from Edinburgh formed by Laura Pasetti. This year the collaboration has been enriched, lasting for the whole of January 2015, with three productions, To be or… Note!Shakespeare vs Shakespeare and Light Killer­- created with a scholastic and university audience in mind but also aimed at evening audiences, alongside workshops for teachers and students.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 19 to 23 January 2015
Shows for school: Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 h 10.30; Wednesday 21 h 3 pm; Friday 23 h 9.15 and h. 11.15.
Evening performances: Monday 19 and Wednesday 21 h 8.30 pm; Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 h 7.30 pm
written by Laura Pasetti and Gianni Guardigli
directed by Laura Pasetti
with Clare Ross, Gary Quinn, Philip Kingscott, Nicola Ciaffoni
a Charioteer Theatre and Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa coproduction
in collaboration with and with the support of Italian Cultural Institute of Edinburgh

Performance in English
for Second Grade Secondary Schools, universities and evening audiences