Piccolo Teatro Grassi

The XIV edition of Tramedautore – the International Festival of Masterpiece Theatre is dedicated to Eurasia, and in particular to those countries located at the two extremes of the Eurasian continent. On the one side Europe with its problems of identity (as in the French production Remulus) and economics with the PIIGS, impoverished countries of Western Europe (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain), and on the other two of the four Asian Tigers (South Korea and Singapore), giants whose uninterrupted economical development is a challenge for Europe.
For Italy, the festival turns its attention to works which take on social themes of particular topicality, and has invited writers and artists to take on the role of “conscientious agitators”. Among the performances are homages to Dario Fo and Franca Rame, agitators par excellence.

Franca the partisan is the story of Franca Rame and her family from 1912. A show of narration, music and song: the actors’ life which comes up against the theatre crisis caused by the invasion of cinema and two world wars. Franca the partisan, after a childhood and adolescence spent in the family’s travelling theatre, is swept along by the winds of change after the war and in Milan, a Milan destroyed but which before anything else rebuilds a culture through the reconstruction of the most beautiful theatre in Europe, meets intellectuals, directors, and journalists who talk of the future in the cafés of Brera. It is in this city, in the theatre, that she meets the man with whom she will share her private and public life, her battles and her political commitment.
​Franca the partisan, who fights for what she believes in, who is not afraid to be irreverent with the powers that be, and who always tries to be on the side she believes to be right, even at the cost of personally suffering the consequences. Franca, who lived and died a partisan.

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Saturday 27 September, 8.30 pm
Il partigiano Franca – Franca the partisan
by Marina De Juli
and words by Franca Rame, Dario Fo, Jacopo Fo
with Marina De Juli
voice and guitar Luca Maciacchini | guitar and accordian Andrea Cusmano | Percussion Silvio Centamore
an Associazione Culturale VERBA MANENT production

A homage to Franca Rame