Duration: Two hours without interval

Prova is the Italian version of Répétition, written and directed by Pascal Rambert, starring Emmanuelle Béart, Audrey Bonnet, Stanislas Nordey and Denis Podalydès, which debuted last December at the Paris Festival d'Automne and which will be presented for its Italian premiere at the Vie Festival in the autumn of 2015. By Rambert, ERT has recently produced the Italian version of Clôture de l’amour, in which Anna Della Rosa and Luca Lazzareschi masterfully interpreted the sublime story of an announced separation.

This new work does not this time focus on the theme of love and separation but examines writing and the creative gesture. At the centre the human, the artist, confused, striped bare. In Prova we find Anna Della Rosa and Luca Lazzareschi together with Laura Marinoni and Giovanni Franzoni: in a rehearsal room, two actresses, a writer and a director are witness to the implosion of their artistic union. "I have seen more truth in certain moments of theatre, dance and literature than in my own life. I have tried to show this constant passage which characterises the work of the artist between that which we take from life, its transformation into imaginary matter and this continuous flow which is the object of our study. For me life and fiction are forever tied to each other. Without interruption. This uninterrupted flow is one of the possible subjects of the play".

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 1 to 10 April 2016
Prova (Rehearsal)
Written, directed and choreographed by Pascal Rambert
With (in order of appearance) Anna Della Rosa, Laura Marinoni, Luca Lazzareschi, Giovanni Franzoni
Sets by Daniel Jeanneteau
lighting by Yves Godin
An ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundazione production

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 7.30 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday 8.30 p.m.; Sunday 4.00 p.m.