Festival Mix Milano

The selection of films and the programming is carried out in collaboration with the youth groups of CIG Arcigay Milan and the Immaginaria International Festival of Cinema by Lesbian, Eccentric and Rebellious Women. With the patronage of the Department of Culture for the Municipality of Milan, hosted by the Piccolo Teatro for the last twelve years.
The Festival MIX Milano of gay and lesbian cinema and queer culture will return at the beginning of the summer of 2018, from 21 to 24 June, to propose, at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler, one of the most important international reviews of themed theatre. Film, literature, performance and music make up the multi-disciplinary itinerary proposed by Festival MIX Milano, to narrate identity in continuous movement and transformation, in search of a new idea of citizenship. The 2018 edition will have the traditional 100 titles in programme, subdivided in three macro sections: feature films, documentaries and short films. Three juries formed by national and international film experts and critics will select the best, from a wealth of previews; avant-garde, multi-lingual and innovative films. A series of parallel activities will run alongside the films, from books to DJ sets of electronic music, to incursions into performing theatre.
Information and updates available on-line at www.festivalmixmilano.com.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 21 to 24 June 2018
32nd Festival Mix Milano
of gay and lesbian cinema and queer culture
organised by the Associazione Culturale MIX Milano in collaboration with MFN Milano Film Network, the network of Milanese cinemas, The Bridge Foundation, Azione Gay e Lesbica Florence, Luca Crescenzi & Co, Random Production
created by Giampaolo Marzi, directed and produced together with Debora Guma, Rafael Maniglia, Andrea Ferrari, Joe Balass, Cristina Zanetti, Elena Rossi Linguanti, Michela Giorgini, Marco Bravo, Francesca Bellone