I giganti della montagna

Duration: two hours and 10 minutes with interval

A theatrical company, led by Countess Ilse, arrives at the villa known as La Scalogna, the home of a strange “wizard” who offers them refuge. But who is Cotrone? “Everyone knows, it is Luigi Pirandello himself”, writes Gabriele Lavia in his director’s notes. “But Coltrone is also something else. He lives as a refuge, an outcast, in his illusion that the Theatre can be the Ideal Place. Far from any contamination. Far from those Giants, those “brute forces”, those men (perhaps ourselves) who strike fear with the simple sound of their galloping past!... The Giants are men who have forgotten the conscience of their origins. Corrupted by their unwillingness to discover themselves. They can therefore do nothing else than continue to kill “original poetry”, which was born as a reflection of mankind... to kill Theatre. But I would like the “unwritten” ending to be a hope, or rather a secular certainty, that “poetry cannot die”.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 27 February to 10 March 2019
I giganti della montagna
(The Mountain Giants)

by Luigi Pirandello
directed by Gabriele Lavia
sets Alessandro Camera, costumes Andrea Viotti, music Antonio Di Pofi
with Gabriele Lavia
Federica Di Martino, Clemente Pernarella, Giovanna Guida, Mauro Mandolini, Lorenzo Terenzi, Gianni De Lellis, Federico Lepera, Luca Massaro
Nellina Laganà, Ludovica Apollonj Ghetti, Michele Demaria, Daniele Biagini, Marika Pugliatti, Beatrice Ceccherini
Luca Pedron, Laura Pinato, Francesco Grossi, Davide Diamanti, Debora Iannotta, Sara Pallini, Roberta Catanese, Eleonora Vona 
a Fondazione Teatro della Toscana production
in coproduction with the
Teatro Stabile di Torino, Teatro Biondo di Palermo

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