The Russian seasons in Italy - Evgenij Onegin

Duration: three hours and 30 minutes with one interval

It is not a complete transposition of Pushkin’s novel, but the choice to favour the missing love story between Tatinana and Onegin, setting it between the past and the present, between reality and imagination. In the original, Pushkin tells the tragic story of Onegin and Lenskij, young friends who go to visit the Larin family on their estate. Here Lenskij courts Olga, with whom he is in love, while her sister, Tatiana, is besotted by Onegin, who rejects her and tries - for fun, and out of boredom - to seduce Olga. Lenskij challenges Onegin to a duel, and is killed. Three years later, still tormented by remorse for his actions, Onegin has a chance encounter with Tatiana, who is now married to someone else, and he understands that he has always loved her. The woman, while still in love with him, rejects him, choosing to stay faithful to her husband, and leaves Onegin with the knowledge that he has ruined his life and those of another three people.
Tuminas imagines two Onegins moving on the stage, an old man who, in his own room, returns in his mind to the situation which so dramatically changed his life while he observes “his young self” go through the actions which set his destiny. With him are also two Lenskijs, the young companion of the Onegin, and the man he would have become if he hadn’t been killed in the duel. Considered to be a representation of 19th century Russia, Evgenij Onegin is a harrowing and romantic work which Tuminas stages, “going against stereotypes - he explains - and searching for a symphony of meanings, of the emotional and musical harmony in the novel, avoiding an over-stressing of its sensitivity. Evgenij Onegin is for me the representation of Light and Beauty”.

The Russian seasons in Italy
It is a particularly solid relationship that unites the Piccolo with the Russian theatres of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
The Piccolo’s shows find, in Russia, a cultured and attentive audience, characteristics which are also reflected in the Russian language productions proposed in our three auditoriums. The Piccolo has been collaborating with the Aleksandrinskij Theatre since 2006 and was invited to participate in the Festival which celebrated the 250th anniversary of this historical institution, whose current architecture was designed in 1832 by the Italian Carlo Rossi.
The Maly in Saint Petersburg, directed by Lev Dodin, and the Maly in Moscow, are regular visitors to our stages.
On the occasion of the 2018 edition of the Russian Seasons Festival in Italy, promoted by the Russian Ministry for Culture, Milan and the Piccolo seemed to be the ideal location for the theatrical section of the event.
The Teatro Strehler and Studio Melato will see the staging of three productions by the Alexandrinsky Theatre of Saint Petersburg - one of which has been written and directed by its director, Valerij Fokin - and a production by the Vachtangov State Academic Theatre of Moscow. From 27 November to 1 December, at the Chiostro Nina Vinchi, in the areas of the Piccolo and the School of Theatre, there will be meetings, exhibitions, conferences and in-depth studies dedicated to the authors, directors, and the extraordinary history of Russian theatre.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
28 and 29 November 2018
Evgenij Onegin
a selection of chapters from the novel in verse by Alexander Pushkin
created, written and directed by Rimas Tuminas
sets Adomas Jacovskis
music Faustas Latenas
choreography Angelica Cholina
with Sergey Makovetskij, Aleksei Guskov, Lijudmila Maksakova, Irina Kupchenko, Victor Dobronravov, Eugenij Pilugin, Vladimir Simonov, Yury Shlykov, Aleksei Kuznetsov, Artur Ivanov, Eugenia Kregzhde, Olga Ierman, Maria Volkova, Oleg Makarov and others
Vachtangov State Academic Theatre production

in Russian with surtitles in italian

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