Tramedautore – Il nullafacente

Touring production

In search of an improbable form of emancipation from all the rules of our society - whether they be economic, emotive, moral or productive -, the Idler of the title opposes his duty to “do” with his complete ataraxia, vindicating his right to “not do”.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Included as one of the initiatives for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the 18th edition of Tramedautore – International Festival of Dramaturgy directed by Michele Panella, focuses on a new generation of artists from Italy, France, Spain and Germany, immersed in a period of great fragility and political, social-cultural and individual paradoxes.
In addition to the plays, the Chiostro Nina Vinchi will play host to discussions, performances and concerts.

Il nullafacente
In a period which requires presence, performance, efficiency, rhythm, work and planning, there is someone who does nothing, absolutely nothing. And it is not easy. It takes method, application, patience and determination.
His wife is ill, fortunately suffering from an incurable illness. Fortunately, because as she is incurable, he doesn’t have to do anything to try and cure her. They would be happy, in spite of everything, if only they were left alone. Unfortunately, the two of them are surrounded by a world which moves, with its morals, ethics and rules. The Brother, the Doctor and the Owner are, in different ways, representatives of that world which the Idler wishes to stay out of.

Michele Santeramo (1974) writer. His works include Il Guaritore (presented as part of Tramedautore 2013), La prossima stagione (2015), the adaptation of Uomini e no at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, directed by Carmelo Rifici (2017). He won the 2011 Riccione Award for the theatre, the National Theatrical Critics’ Association (ANCT) Award in 2013 and the Hystrio award for dramaturgy in 2014. In the last few years, various works of his have been performed at the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana. On the occasion of the first edition of Festivaldera, in May-June 2018, he wrote the original stage play for Storie dal Decamerone, presented in four chapters: Un Amore, Una Guerra, Il Potere, Il caso e l’invenzione (a Fondazione Teatro della Toscana production).

Duration: 70 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Friday 14 September 2018, 7.30 pm
Il nullafacente | Italy
by Michele Santeramo
directing and sets Roberto Bacci
with Vittorio Continelli, Silvia Pasello, Francesco Puleo, Michele Santeramo, Tazio Torrini
music Ares Tavolazzi
lighting Valeria Foti, Stefano Franzoni
a Fondazione Teatro della Toscana production

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