Arlecchino servitore di due padroni

Duration: three hours including 2 intervals

The performances on 2, 9 and 16  May 2020 at the Teatro Grassi in Milan will be surtitled in English.

Every season, Giorgio Strehler’s magical reinvention of the 18th century based on Carlo Goldoni’s Servant to two masters, with the priceless contribution of sets by Ezio Frigerio, returns to invade the stage of the Teatro Grassi where the magic began in 1947. To the sound of the music of Fiorenzo Carpi, a tribute to the Italian tradition of Bel Canto, the fortunes of the servant who comes up with all sorts of strategy in order to serve two masters, and thus eat twice, entertains both adults and children alike.

Harlequin is now played by Enrico Bonavera, who lends the character all of his energy as a tireless “sprite”.

Accompanying him in the creation of an exhilarating performance is a cast wearing the splendid costumes by the Oscar-winner Franca Squarciapino as though they were a second skin. Many playing their roles since the 1997 edition - directed by Giorgio Strehler for the fiftieth anniversary of the Piccolo -, the actors lend a wide range of emotions to the show: nostalgia, passion, irony, cunning, simplicity, sweetness and fun... Harlequin, servant to two masters, now in the version staged by Ferruccio Soleri, with the collaboration of Stefano de Luca, is a timeless theatrical ritual which returns, always the same yet always different. When we see the appearance on stage of the “bat”, used to capture the fly or to study, together with Brighella, how to lay the table for lunch, we can almost see, sitting beside us in the theatre, the child we used to be.

Arlecchino servitore di due padroni
by Carlo Goldoni
directed by Giorgio Strehler
staged by Ferruccio Soleri with the collaboration of Stefano de Luca
sets Ezio Frigerio, costumes Franca Squarciapino
lighting Gerardo Modica, music Fiorenzo Carpi
mime movements Marise Flach
set collaborator Leila Fteita
masks by Amleto and Donato Sarti

characters and cast
Pantalone de’ Bisognosi
 Giorgio Bongiovanni
Clarice, his daughter Annamaria Rossano (Palermo and Malaga); Lucia Marinsalta (Charleroi and Esch)
the Dottor Lombardi Tommaso Minniti 
Silvio, his son Stefano Onofri
Beatrice, a girl from Turin dressed as a man, under the name of Federico Rasponi Giorgia Senesi (Palermo and Malaga); Annamaria Rossano (Charleroi and Esch)
Florindo Aretusi, her lover Sergio Leone
Brighella, an inn keeper Luca Criscuoli
Smeraldina, Clarice’s maid Alessandra Gigli
Arlecchino, servant to Beatrice, and then to Florindo Enrico Bonavera
a servant of the inn, a porter Francesco Cordella
servants Lucia Marinsalta and Walter Rizzuto (Palermo); Maria Laura Palmeri and Walter Rizzuto (Charleroi and Esch); Davide Gasparro and Lucia Marinsalta (Malaga)
prompter Fabrizio Martorelli
musicians Gianni Bobbio, Leonardo Cipriani, Francesco Mazzoleni, Celio Regoli, Matteo Fagiani (Palermo and Malaga); Gianni Bobbio, Leonardo Cipriani, Alessandro Castelli, Celio Regoli, Matteo Fagiani (Charleroi and Esch)

a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production

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