Duration: The play is currently in production

The performances on 21, 28 March and on 4 April 2020 will be surtitled in English.
Surtitles provided by Prescott Studio

“In the past I have always focused on the opening words of the play - explains Latella -: “Who’s there?”. Opening a play with a question is like asking “Do you know yourself? No. I don’t know myself, or perhaps I do, and I am afraid. But that “who’s there?” is often a request for a password, a way to be recognised or to reveal oneself”.
The challenge to stage to story of the tormented Prince of Denmark is, for Latella, a new and impassioned encounter with that which he himself defines as an “immense THEATRICAL ENTITY”.
He is making use of a new translation, produced for the occasion by Federico Bellini, “which expresses the sense of Shakespeare’s words for that which it is, and not for that which we want it to be... And if the translated words claim to be elevated, absolute, untouchable, then so be it, but we should fear them rather than convincing ourselves that we have grasped their meaning, that we have understood, that we have submitted them to our understanding”, he says. In the same way, the stage play by Linda Dalisi is a result of the need to not rely on the experience confined to a pre-established layout, but to allow the poetry to flow free and evolve.
“This is the necessity which has led me to this new encounter - concludes the director - to try and lend support to the words; now more than ever, that “Who’s there?” interests me less, I am now more interested in the polite and whispered: “The rest is silence”.
The lead role has been entrusted to the sensitivity of the actress Federica Rosellini, a graduate of the Piccolo School of Theatre who had studied under Luca Ronconi.

by William Shakespeare
translated by Federico Bellini
dramaturg Linda Dalisi
directed by Antonio Latella
sets Giuseppe Stellato
costumes Graziella Pepe

lighting Simone De Angelis
music and sound Franco Visioli
with Federica Rosellini, Anna Coppola, Michelangelo Dalisi, Francesca Cutolo, Fabio Pasquini, Francesco Manetti, Ludovico Fededegni, Stefano Patti, Andrea Sorrentino, Flaminia Cuzzoli
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production

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