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There are worlds where women are condemned to fight if they want to survive, to fight with everything they have in order to emerge from the squalor and degradation that society appears to have relegated them to. This is the story of Anna, Nuzza and Bettina, who knit during the day and sell themselves at night, and the poor disabled orphan who lives with them.

Misericordia is a contemporary tale. It tells of the fragility of women, and their desperate and limitless solitude”. Emma Dante presents her new play, with which she returns to the Piccolo. The plot tells the story of three prostitutes and a disabled boy called Artuto who lives with them in a filthy and miserable one-room hovel. During the day, the women knit shawls, and after sunset they sit at the entrance to their house and offer their decrepit bodies to passers-by.
“Arturo is never still for a moment - Dante continues - he is a hyperactive little boy. Every evening at the same time he goes to the window to watch the band go by, and his dream is to play the bass drum. Arturo’s mother was called Lucia, she was as thin as a rake and had a little radio that was permanently on. The house was full of music, and Lucia would dance for the men! Above all, she danced for a carpenter who came to visit every Thursday. He was the owner of a sawmill that made crates for fruit. He made good money yet went around in a wool hat and worn-out gloves. His nickname was “Geppetto”. He was prone to violence. Arturo was conceived in the midst of the blows dealt by his father, and Lucia died two hours after giving birth. Despite the hellish and terrible squalor, Anna, Nuzza and Bettina bring him up as their own. Arturo, that block of wood, becomes a boy through the care of three mothers”.

Duration: one hour without interval

The Playbill

written and directed by Emma Dante
lighting Cristian Zucaro
with Italia Carroccio, Manuela Lo Sicco, Leonarda Saffi, Simone Zambelli
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Atto Unico / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale, Teatro Biondo di Palermo co-production



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