Duration: The play is currently in production

The performances on 18, 25 January and on 1, 8, 15 February 2020 will be surtitled in English.
Surtitles provided by Prescott Studio

Misericordia tells of a squalid world, full of poverty, illiteracy and provincialism, and explores a hell of terrible degradation, ever-increasingly ignored by society. It tells of the fragility of women, and their desperate and limitless solitude”.
Emma Dante presents her new play, with which she returns to the Piccolo Teatro. Following the “wordless” experience of Bestie di scena, she returns to the themes, language, style and emotional universe which has always characterised the creations of the Sicilian writer.

The plot tells the story of three women, Anna, Nuzza and Bettina, who live in a run-down hovel with a disabled boy, Arturo. During the day, the women knit, and after sunset they sit at the entrance to their house and offer their decrepit bodies to passers-by. 'U picciutteddu, the boy, moves frenetically in the room, he is never still. Every now and then he sits at the window and talks to the corner of the building opposite. Artuto is not the son of any of the three women, but of Lucia, who was kicked and punched to death by her partner immediately after having given birth to this unfortunate child. The trio took him in, but at a certain point they can no longer keep him. They pack his case for him and let him go. But before they do, they tell him who his mother was; Lucia the cripple, who did her hair to look like “Marilin Monroy” and who had a battered old radio that she listened to as she danced for everyone.

written and directed by Emma Dante
lighting Cristian Zucaro
with Italia Carroccio, Manuela Lo Sicco, Leonarda Saffi, Simone Zambelli
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Atto Unico / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale, Teatro Biondo di Palermo co-production

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