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Hamlet to be seen, and more. In his new production of Shakespeare’s classic for the Piccolo, Antonio Latella invites his audiences to listen to a text that “always suggests something that could be, but that is not”.

Ten actors of differing ages, training and background, a new translation produced for the occasion by Federico Bellini, and a set that forms an integral part of the script: Hamlet, the project by Antonio Latella at the Piccolo, promises an experience of total theatre that, enhanced by the fascinating setting of the Teatro Studio Melato, leads the accompanies the audience on a journey through Shakespeare’s play, exploring its most deeply hidden aspects. “This is a promise that I made to myself when I staged Hamlet for the first time - explains Latella -: rethink it every ten years - this was more or less the time-frame I gave myself - in order to understand each time where I stood, not only in terms of directing Shakespeare, but also within the profession itself. Directing Hamlet means facing up to the work of “failure”. When working on it, one is aware of not possessing it entirely”. It is a “study” piece, allowing one to examine themselves and their own work. Hamlet is completely different at every stage in life”. Federica Rosellini in the title role – Latella continues, “has the artistic gift of ambiguity and doubt. For me, the Hamlet of the 21st century goes beyond sexuality, beyond the distinction between woman and man, moving to an alternative condition: in the classics, the words have no genitals, they are of such a higher level as to make a difference”.
“What makes this production special - concludes the director - is the suggestion to the audience to try not only to watch, but also to listen, together, to every single word in the text”.

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