De infinito universo

Touring production
©Masiar Pasquali

In a cross-disciplinary theatrical play inspired by the ideas of Giordano Bruno, the infinite enormity of the universe is compared with the most restricted confines of our human dimension. What sense can our lives have when faced with the immensity? An astrophysicist, a pastor and the assistant to a politician try to provide an answer.

A scientist explains dark matter and dark energy to the audience; while contemplating the night sky, a pastor with a patchy memory is lost in the idea of infinity; a young woman, assistant to a female political figure, imagines a speech that she would like to make to her, complaining of the lack of a higher vision in those who govern. Drawing inspiration from Giordano Bruno, Filippo Ferraresi brings to the theatre the greatness and the mystery of universal matters for which it is impossible to find answers, setting it against the intimate and private dimension of humanity. In a cross-disciplinary play that combines acting and technology, acrobatics and effects, Ferraresi speaks of the wonder and amazement experienced by people when faced with the laws of physics and its “marvellous machines”. Just as science accentuates our bewilderment when faced with concepts that the mind is unable to accept, poetry tends to govern this same abyss through the power of words, while politics is responsible for considering the well-being of the individual, embracing it as a whole without dulling it, as happens on a daily basis, through the laws of economics and finance.
As Ferraresi explains “I am fascinated by the intellectual spark of Giordano Bruno, his ability to intuitively anticipate both relativity and the most recent theories on strings and the multiverse, using knowledge to embrace and encompass everything”. This is a depth of analysis that has been lost in contemporary society, in a period in which there is a need to recover that radical sense of critical thought that, by no coincidence, has bee violently rejected by the powers that be of the time, re-founding a society that risks being unable to survive”.

Duration: 75' with no interval

The Playbill

De infinito universo

written, visually conceived and directed by Filippo Ferraresi
set designer Guido Buganza
costume designer Giada Masi
lighting Claudio De Pace
music Lucio Leonardi (PLUHM)
with Gabriele Portoghese, Elena Rivoltini, Jérémy Juan Willi
A Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production
A Théâtre National Wallonie – Bruxelles coproduction



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