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Support the Piccolo with the Art Bonus


What is the Art Bonus?
It is a tax incentive that takes the form of a tax credit, allowing for the recovery of 65% of free donations made in support of culture.

Who can donate with the Art Bonus?
Anyone. Both natural persons and legal entities.

Why is it advantageous to donate with the Art Bonus?
All donations made with the Art Bonus allow you to save 65%.

Free donation 65% tax credit Paid amount
€ 500 € 325 € 175
€ 1000 € 650 € 350
€ 2.500 € 1.650 € 875




How to donate with the Art Bonus
• Make the free donation via bank transfer, post office account, credit, debit or pre-paid card, bank cheque or cashier’s cheque.
• Indicate the beneficiary: Fondazione Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa IBAN IT 31Z0503401727000000018228.
• Specify the motivation: Art Bonus - Fondazione Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa – Corporate activity support – Tax code / VAT number 00802230151.
• Keep the receipt for your tax declaration.

Tax advantages offered by the Art Bonus
The 65% tax credit, deductible in three equal annual payments, is recognised for a maximum of 15% of taxable income for natural persons and organisations that do not carry out corporate activities, and half a percent of annual income for enterprises.