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Tramedautore - Mi sa che fuori è primavera

Teatro Studio Melato

A true story which becomes a terrible poetic entity: what depths can human beings plunge to?

Tramedautore - Monsieur Teste

Teatro Grassi

“What can a man do?”, a simple question from the philosophical work by Paul Valéry which leads to the creation of a show which unites music and voice.

©Tarvo Hanno Varres

Tramedautore - 99 words for void

Teatro Studio Melato

Equality among people, freedom of speech and the theatre as a place of democracy... True values or pure humanistic rhetoric?

©Renee Altrov

Tramedautore - Physics and Phantasma

Teatro Grassi

The protagonist is fantasy: a human vocation with enormous revolutionary potential, that allows us to understand ourselves and the world.

©Fabio Lovino

Tramedautore - Fear and Desire

Teatro Studio Melato

Actors from different nationalities united in the common language of dance to tell stories both great and small on life and theatre.

Tramedautore - Stop Acting Now – Extended Edition

Teatro Grassi

A reflection on the importance of its role and its commitment: can the theatre change the world?

©Steven A. Gunther

Tramedautore - Looking for Paul

Teatro Grassi

The only art which is worth doing is art that disturbs, challenges and puts to the test both artists and spectators. But is this really the case?  

Tramedautore - Opera sentimentale

Teatro Grassi

The text by Camilla Mattiuzzo, winner of the NdN, tells the semi-true story of a family which has lost control.

©Pino Le Pera

Tramedautore - I ragazzi del cavalcavia

Teatro Grassi

The anger, resentment and frustration of youth lost in the no-man’s-land of the suburbs, where the only distraction is boredom.

Tramedautore - Lucifer

Teatro Grassi

Lucifer is a being catapulted into another dimension, like a child sent away by his father, forced to be born again, alone.

Tramedautore - Men in the cities

Teatro Grassi

A monologue on men, on their masculinity and on the strength that lends form to our relationships.

©Lucia Menegazzo

Tramedautore - Todi is a small town in the center of Italy

Teatro Grassi

Todi, a symbol of the Italian provinces where life is serene and everyone knows each other... but what is it best to avoid doing in a small town?

©Pascal La Delfa

Dante Inferno 2.0

Teatro Studio Melato

“If one dreams alone, it is just a dream. If we dream together, it is the beginning of reality”.

Le serve


Teatro Grassi

Every evening, while their mistress is out, two sisters play out a dark fantasy in which they play at “being Madame”, killing her. Reality or fiction?

©Elena Clara Savino

San Vittore Globe Theatre Atto II: Le Tempeste

Teatro Studio Melato

San Vittore Globe Theatre – Atto II Le Tempeste is a show dedicated to Shakespeare and performed by the inmate and non-inmate actresses of the CETEC