Tramedautore - Opera sentimentale

Touring production

A mother, a father, a grandfather and three children. Sitting on a sofa, they recall the most important moments in their lives. But the memories are, at times, “mental re-elaborations”, and the flashbacks reveal the true desires and the inclinations of each of them.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

With the new artistic direction of Benedetto Sicca, Tramedautore is presented as the International Festival of Dramaturgies. The plural here is important: playwriting, evermore-so nowadays, has proven to be able to penetrate lands and languages both verbal and non-verbal, capable of elaborating thoughts on contemporaneity. Works will be staged from Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden, focusing on the fragility of values in that part of Europe theoretically leading this continent which runs “at two speeds”. There will also be street performances and concerts in the Chiostro following the shows.

Sat on a sofa, a disconnected family looks back on the most important moments of their history. Each of them remembers and re-elaborates in their own way. The relationships slowly emerge during the continuous flow of consequential fragments, revealing, with the aid of flashbacks, the desires and inclinations of each member. The semi-true story of a family which has lost control.

At Chiostro Nina Vinchi
7 p.m. -  "Una parola al giorno" 
9.30 p.m. - "Genji Lab | Spirit (Aoi Song)" concert with Cesare Picco, by Yamaha

Duration: one hour and 10 minutes

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Wednesday 20 September 2017, 7.30 pm
Opera sentimentale | Italy
by Camilla Mattiuzzo
with Matteo Angius, Riccardo Festa, Woody Neri
directed by Matteo Angius, Riccardo Festa
a Compagnia Angius – Festa production

winning text of the NdN - Network Drammaturgia Nuova

with the support of Sillunina - Private copy for youngsters, for culture

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