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Quality Policy

The “Luca Ronconi” School of Theatre of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa Foundation is a world-famous school for higher-education and specialisation for actors. It is unique in the Lombardy Region in that it is linked to an international and inter-disciplinary theatre, characteristics that render the institution a cultural reference point on a city-wide, regional and European level.

The Directorate of the Foundation has adopted a quality management system that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation for activities regarding the planning and provision of services for the training of professional actors in the fields of theatre, cinema and television. The guidelines of the school are:

  • to offer the pupils the best possible service of an interdisciplinary nature, a constant exchange between the classroom and the stage, and attention to the demands of the market;
  • to respect the commitments it assumes, the mandatory requirements and those of the students and interested parties;
  • to act in compliance with the principles of the cited regulation, maintaining the quality management system operational and continuously improving efficiency;
  • to involve prestigious national and international professional figures in the training activities, figures capable of staying abreast of new trends and facilitating the development of the students’ talent;
  • to apply to all its activities the principle of preventative identification and management of factors regarding risk and opportunity.

Through the quality management system, the Directorate intends to guarantee its interlocutors that everything that occurs is planned and evaluated. Furthermore, the following goals are set:

  1. Pursue the full satisfaction of the students;
  2. Satisfy the requirements and expectations of all the identified interested parties;
  3. Maintain regional certification as an organisation providing training services in Lombardy;
  4. Help its students to enter the world of employment;
  5. Continue to represent a centre of attraction for all those who wish to serious take on the acting profession.

All the people operating in the School must consider themselves as committed to acting in compliance with the rules described in the documentation for the quality management system. The content of this document is communicated to all levels of the organisation. It is also available to whoever requests it and is published on the website. The Directorate confirms that the role of Quality System Manager has been assigned to Ms. Roberta Zanoli.


The Foundation Director: Sergio Escobar (until 31 July 2020) - Claudio Longhi (from 1 December 2020)
The School Director: Carmelo Rifici
The Quality System Manager: Roberta Zanoli