Tramedautore - Fear and Desire

Touring production
©Fabio Lovino

Julie Anne Stanzak, a long-term dancer from Pina Baush’s Tanztheater, and Gaia Saitta, actress and director, have created a show which takes up the artistic challenge of making a group of actors from different nations dance together. Dance is the common code through which to connect different languages and artistic experiences, and unite stories both small and great, tales of life and theatre.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

With the new artistic direction of Benedetto Sicca, Tramedautore is presented as the International Festival of Dramaturgies. The plural here is important: playwriting, evermore-so nowadays, has proven to be able to penetrate lands and languages both verbal and non-verbal, capable of elaborating thoughts on contemporaneity. Works will be staged from Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden, focusing on the fragility of values in that part of Europe theoretically leading this continent which runs “at two speeds”. There will also be street performances and concerts in the Chiostro following the shows.

Fear and Desire is a theatrical project developed with a group of actors from various countries, each with differing artistic languages and experiences, meeting for the first time to dance together. Exposed to their dance, the actors rediscover an almost-forgotten area of scenic vulnerability. A journey into that world of theatre and dance, uncovered by the experience of Pina Baush’s Tanztheater, of which choreography is a part. 

Duration: one hour and 10 minutes

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Studio
Wednesday 17 September 2017, 7.30 pm
Fear and Desire | Belgium
project created and directed by Gaia Saitta
choreography by Julie Anne Stanzak
with Vijaya Bechis Boll, Benny Ceuppens, Thomas Coumans, Cédric Eeckhout, Hervé Guerrisi, Cecilia Ligorio, Paola Michelini, Antonio Puccia, Daisy Ransom Phillips, Ana Rodriguez
costumes Frédérick Denis, light designer Igor Renzetti, sound designer Tom Daniels
a SeventySeven production, a Performdance Festival (Italy) co-production

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