Tramedautore - Mi sa che fuori è primavera

Touring production

Based on a true story, the account of the lucid folly of a man who takes his daughters away from his wife and, by killing himself, takes with him the secret of their destiny. Is it possible for the woman to get her life back, to regain the possibility of a future? 

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

With the new artistic direction of Benedetto Sicca, Tramedautore is presented as the International Festival of Dramaturgies. The plural here is important: playwriting, evermore-so nowadays, has proven to be able to penetrate lands and languages both verbal and non-verbal, capable of elaborating thoughts on contemporaneity. Works will be staged from Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden, focusing on the fragility of values in that part of Europe theoretically leading this continent which runs “at two speeds”. There will also be street performances and concerts in the Chiostro following the shows.


Irina Lucidi is the woman who, one day, has her six-year-old daughters taken away from her by her husband. The man kills himself, and the girls are never found again.
Mi sa che fuori è primavera is based on a true story which becomes a terrible poetic entity. It tells of the proximity of evil, and how it can be sparked by a simple crisis, just like so many others. This story is a modern tragedy. The actress recounts and lives it. The other actors are the spectators in the theatre, who will be called on, they will carry out actions, becoming a living part of the play.
When Irina met Matias, he seemed like a normal man; interesting, methodical, pleasant, attractive. How could she have been so wrong? Could it really happen to anyone?
What is hidden by others, by the person with whom one decides to spend their life? What abysses lie within a person that even they themselves are unaware of? The disappearance of two daughters. The suicide of a husband. The clues, the unanswered questions, the bodies of the girls that are never found, the doubt.
This is the hell to which the abandoned man condemns the woman who flees from his maniacal control. The figure of Matias becomes sinister and lifeless, a sullen sexless automaton who allows himself to be crushed by another machine, a speeding train...
The opportunity of a new life for Irina becomes the heroic conquest of a new territory.

Duration: one hour and 20 minutes

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Studio
Wednesday 13 September 2017, 7.30 pm
Mi sa che fuori è primavera | Italy
project by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Gaia Saitta
written by Concita De Gregorio
adapted for the theatre and performed by Gaia Saitta
directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti
sets Giuliana Rienzi
video Igor Renzetti
lighting Marco Giusti
an Associazione Fattore K, Festival Quartieri dellarte, Fondazione Odyssea, Forteresse asbl production
The show is part of the project "EUCollectivePlays!" - Co-founded by The Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
The evening has been organised in collaboration with Evidentia


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