Teatro, musica e pittura su tela

Touring production

A unique evening of theatre, music and painting with three extraordinary artists: Ferruccio Soleri, Enrico Intra and Dolores Puthod.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

A unique evening of theatre, music and painting with three extraordinary artists:Ferruccio Soleri our marvellous Harlequin; Enrico Intra, composer, director and jazz pianist; Dolores Puthod, painter, famous for her performances which blend theatre and painting, reinterpreting the Commedia dell’Arte on canvas.
Three masters, protagonists of over sixty years of Milanese culture, ambassadors of Italian art throughout the world, unite their talents to create an original evening which unites memories and the present, tradition and contemporaneity.
The voice of Ferruccio Soleri, telling of his life behind the mask of Harlequin, and the music of Enrico Intra, become sources of inspiration for Dolores Puthod and a starting point for the creation of a work of art which will be donated by the artist to our theatre: a painting which is born from words and takes its form from musical notes, which develops and comes together before the eyes of the audience.
An explosion of energy and colour: the colours of the diamonds in Harlequin’s costume, those of the artist’s palette and those of the notes of jazz.
Simply put, the colours of the theatre…

The Playbill

Chiostro Nina Vinchi
7 September 2015, 8.30 pm
Teatro, musica e pittura su tela
(Theatre, music and canvas painting)

with Ferruccio Soleri, Enrico Intra. Dolores Puthod

Free admission, places subject to availability.