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©Mohamed Frini


Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
Friday 4 Septembre 2015, 8.30 pm
Saturday 5 September 2015, 7.30 pm

Delitti, grandi e piccoli (Crimes both petty and serious)
dramaturgy by Jalila Baccar and Fadhel Jaïbi
text by Jalila Baccar
direction, set design and light design by Fadhel Jaïbi
assistant set designer and original soundtrack Kaïs Rostom
with the actors Jalila Baccar, Fatma Ben Saïdane, Noomen Hamda, Lobna M’lika, Aymen Mejri / Nesrine Mouelhi, Ahmed Taha Hamrouni / Mouïn Moumni
director assistant Marwa Mannaï
general coordinator assistant Mohamed Ali Kalaï
costumes Salah Barka
light board operator Ali Helali, sound Nesrine Debbabi
stage manager Néji Khadhraouni
surtitles by Lina Babba, translated from Arabic by Mariem Dhouib
production manager Oussama Jameï
photographer Mohamed Frini
production Teatro Nazionale di Tunisia
a project by the National Theatre of Tunisia and the Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa
​in collaboration with the Milan City Council
supported by Arcus

A play in Arabic with surtitles in Italian