Duration: 75 minutes with no interval

Servillo meets Jouvet “After years in which his reflections on theatre and on the work of an actor had accompanied me in taking on various repertoires, from Molière to Marivaux, from Eduardo to Goldoni, - confesses Toni - I thought it was necessary the the moment for a direct meeting should arrive”.
With the same spirit which we have come to know and love through hosted productions as well as those co-produced with his company, Servillo approaches Elvire Jouvet 40 - an important work in the history of the Piccolo, in which Brigitte Jaques transcribed the Seven lessons of Louis Jouvret to Claudia on the second scene of Elvira in Molière’s “Don Giovanni” - taking on the new translation by Giuseppe Montesano, accompanied by a young apprentice who embodies the future in the vital transmission of knowledge bewteen generations.
Thirty years after Strehler, with Toni Servillo the reflections of Jouvet on theatre and character once again rediscover the same convincing topicality. “Elvira - explains Servillo - leads the audience into a closed theatre, almost as if to spy between the stalls and the stage, with a maestro and an apprentice before a fire curtain that will never rise, a particular moment of a true phenomenology of the creation of a character. I find the entirety of Jouvet’s reflections particularly valid today in order to explain, above all to youngsters, the nobility of the actors’ trade which risks being debased in these confused times”. 

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 11 October to 18 December 2016
(Elvire Jouvret 40) by Brigitte Jaques © Gallimard
translation by Giuseppe Montesano
directed by Toni Servillo
costumes by Ortensia De Francesco
lighting by Pasquale Mari
sound by Daghi Rondanini
assistant director Costanza Boccardi
with Toni Servillo, Petra Valentini, Francesco Marino, Davide Cirri
A Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Teatri Uniti co-production

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