Duration: one hour and 15 minutes with no interval

Serena Sinigaglia, a member of the Piccolo family, stages – together with Fausto Russo Alesi – the splendid chapter from the Karamazovs in which Dostoyevsky imagines Christ returning to Earth, to a Seville in the throes of the Inquisition, to be imprisoned by the Grand Inquisitor.
«I love the classics – explains Serena Sinigaglia –. I love important 1800s Russian literature because there people still dared to ask the question "why", they dared to take on important themes regarding existence. Who are you? What is mankind? What is its sense in the world? What is freedom? Is there order in chaos? Is atonement possible for mankind’s intrinsic violence? To abandon oneself to the reading of The Brothers Karamazov is to take a journey in time through mankind, within mankind. One man stands out among the others, or perhaps he is only a boy who is too mature for his years, the second of the Karamazov sons, the most tormented, the most human of all: Ivan. Mankind and all humanity seen through the eyes of Ivan Karamazov, our journey. The Brothers Karamazov according to Ivan, if you wish».

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 28 February to 05 March 2017
Freely based on “The Brothers Karamazov” by  Fyodor Dostoyevsky
rewritten by Letizia Russo, consultant Fausto Malcovati
directed by Serena Sinigaglia
with Fausto Russo Alesi
sets by Stefano Zullo
lighting by Roberta Faiolo
director’s assistant  Giulia Sarah Gibbon
An ATIR Teatro Ringhiera, Teatro Donizetti Bergamo co-production

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