Masculu e Fìammina

Duration: one hour and 25 minutes

Saverio La Ruina is one of the actors who has won the most awards on the Italian scene (the last was the Premio Ubu 2012 for Italianesi). From the play that was his debut, Dissonorata, to the play that confirmed his talent, La borto, with just a few props - a suit, two slippers, a chair - he is able to give life to unforgettable female characters. Women of the South, wounded but proud. With his preceding work, Polvere, he turned his attention to men. as violence against women is above all a men’s problem. In Masculu e Fiammina, a man speaks to his late mother. He goes to visit her at the cemetery and he speaks to her, placidly confiding with her about his homosexuality. He had never spoken about it before. Obviously this mother had guessed, silently, without ever asking questions, with loving respect. Now, he feels within him the release of a typical confession of the South, protected from embarrassment. Perhaps with the regret of not having found the opportunity to open up before. With regards to his mother, despite her being so affectionate and so mysteriously understanding, one can however perceive a little bitterness, a slight lack of harmony. But everything is moderated, fatalistic, contemplative. In a South covered in snow, amongst the tombs, finally with the feeling of being free to speak. 

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 13 to 18 December 2016
Masculu e Fìammina
by and with Saverio La Ruina
original music Gianfranco De Franco
assistant to the director Cecilia Foti
sets Cristina Ipsaro and Riccardo De Leo
light design Dario De Luca and Mario Giordano
audio and lighting Mario Giordano
organisation Settimo Pisano
production Scena Verticale

The first reading in this on-going project was presented in September 2015 as part of the Garofano Verde festival in Rome.

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