Tre sorelle

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Directed by Emiliano Bronzino, a new incursion, following Uncle Vanya, into the repertoire of an author who has been speaking about us for more than a century. Centred on the theme of time and the impossibility of the three protagonists to live it in harmony, Three sisters is an agonising reflection on how the impossibility to be happy is often an outcome which is pursued with determination.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

Emiliano Bronzino returns to Chekhov’s repertoire following the success of Uncle Vanya, produced by TPE for the 12/13 season and also presented at the Piccolo Teatro.
In Three sisters, the true heart of the writing lies in the things which are left unsaid, of which Chekhov allows us a glimpse, which are the true souls of the characters and which after more than a century show him to be an author with a depth of writing, a possible interpretation and a stage feel which is particularly up to date. A piece with many levels of “symbolic” interpretation, whose central theme is time, where the future is something to be dreamed of, but which always seems so distant and which can never be reached, while the only way out is a place of recollection, crystallised, of which the memory is faint and which lies completely relegated to the past. As Emiliano Bronzino writes: «In Three sisters, I have the clear impression that the characters do not exist, that the story told alludes to something else. One need only think of the continuous references, suggestions and strange allusive games that Chekhov sows throughout the piece. Of the strange sensation of an inevitability that in the end astonishes. Of the fact that none of the salient moments of the story take place on stage, but always off, in an undefined place and time. And above all of the strange fact that the staged action moves continuously from a level of reality to a level which is not governed by natural answers. In the end what remains are important questions regarding the meaning of life, and on that one must work, and work...».

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes with interval

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 7 to 19 March 2017
Tre sorelle – Three Sisters
by Anton Chekhov
directed by Emiliano Bronzino
with Alberto Onofrietti, Marcella Favilla, Fiorenza Pieri, Maria Alberta Navello, Maria Laura Palmeri, Stefano Moretti, Massimo Reale, Riccardo Ripani, Alessandro Meringolo, Graziano Piazza, Vincenzo Paterna, Riccardo De Leo, Gisella Bein
sets by Francesco Fassone
costumes by Chiara Donato
lighting by Massimo Violato
a Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa production

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