Canto la storia dell'astuto Ulisse

Duration: 1 hour without interval

Canto la storia dell’astuto Ulisse, co-produced by the Piccolo Teatro and Teatro Gioco Vita presents the adventurous and rich story of discovery that is the Odyssey. It begins with the end of the Trojan War and follows the trials of the warrior of “multifaceted ingenuity” through the Mediterranean, until his return to Ithaca. The show presents the most well-known episodes and characters of Homer’s poem: Cyclops Polyphemus, the enchanting Sirens, the sorceress Circe, the dog Argo, Telemachus and the beloved Penelope. All the characters ans situations come to life with the shadow figures created from the props by Emanuele Luzzati. Shadow and light are the symbols of our fears, our desires and our thirst for knowledge.
The hero’s journey between fantasy and reality is the most classic metaphor for the journey that each and every one of us makes both within and outside ourselves over the course of our lives.
The magic of shadow theatre for such a fascinating work creates a sense of wonder, charm, and never fails to offer points for reflection on man fighting against destiny, and above all against himself.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 1 to 11 February 2018
Canto la storia dell'astuto Ulisse
by Flavio Albanese
dramaturgy collaboration Giuseppina Carutti
directed by Flavio Albanese
shadow movements by Federica Ferrari
with Flavio Albanese, Federica Armillis, Katia Mirabella
A Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Teatro Gioco Vita and Compagnia del Sole coproduction

Recommended for audiences of 8 years old and over

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