Dieci storie proprio così

Duration: 70 minutes without interval

Created as a performance-debate on the theme of legality, the show made its debut in 2011 at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. In co-production with the Piccolo since 2017, it has been enriched with a further narrative evolution which brings to the stage an in-depth examination of the presence of the Mafia in Rome and the ties between the Calabria ‘Ndrangheta and Lombardy.

The stories examine the known and unknown victims of organised crime, stories of civic commitment and social redemption, individual and collective responsibility, institutional connivance and implied consent. The play is a “reasoned” provocation against that transversal and omnipresent Mafia network that wishes to destroy the collective conscience and the ability to understand and react.  Dieci storie proprio così is an integral part of an experimental project of collaboration between theatres, prison institutes, schools and civil society.

“While we write these notes - says the authors Emanuela Giordano and Giulia Minoli - we continue to collect witness accounts, questions and reflections with examine not only the actions of others but also our own individual responsibility and the act of liberation that we have to carry out in order to ensure that rights and duties are equal for all. The theatre does not send messages, it limits itself to offer stimuli and this is what we are trying to do, with much conviction, thinking above all of the young. And we are addressing the young with a work which we are carrying out in schools throughout Italy, in order to ensure that the play is not only an event but a part of a journey to discover themes which are fundamental for our growth”.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 22 to 26 November 2017
Dieci storie proprio così
based on an idea by Giulia Minoli
dramaturgy Emanuela Giordano and Giulia Minoli
directed by Emanuela Giordano
original music Antonio di Pofi and Tommaso Di Giulio
director’s assistant Tania Ciletti
with Daria D’Aloia, Vincenzo d’Amato, Lorenzo Frediani, Tania Garribba, Salvatore Presutto, Diego Valentino Venditti
and with Tommaso Di Giulio, guitar and Paolo Volpini, drums
Dieci storie proprio così is an integral part of the project “Il Palcoscenico della legalità”
project assistants Giulia Agostini, Noemi Caputo, Tania Ciletti, Mattia Maestri, Ilaria Meli
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa production 

The project is promoted by The CO2 Crisis Opportunity Onlus, CROSS-Osservatorio sulla criminalità organizzata, Fondazione Pol.i.s., Libera, Fondazione Falcone, Centro Studi Paolo Borsellino, Coordinamento campano dei familiari delle vittime innocenti della criminalità, Fondazione Silvia Ruotolo, Italiachecambia.org
with the patronage of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism

with the support of ASSOLOMBARDA Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza, Fondazione Cariplo, Banca Intesa, Fondazione con il sud, SIAE

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