Jazz al Piccolo - Tra jazz e musica eurocolta

Exactly one year on from the death of Luigi Pestalozza, one of the most important historians of twentieth century Italian music, as well as a political figure and important cultural organiser, Jazz al Piccolo is proposing an evening in his honour, with a singular programme, Border Line, perfectly in line with Pestalozza’s great cultural outlook. A concert organised in collaboration with Amici di Musica/Realtà, the association tied to the prestigious publication founded by him in the 1970s and now directed by Roberto Favaro. A programme which unites aspects of contemporary jazz, such as Per una serenata by Intra, which presents conductions and pseudo-serial parts, with moments in which great European musicians have encountered jazz or music from Afro-American origins: from piano works by Stravinski and Milhaud to the extraordinary imitative writing of a jazz band in Sweet Basil by Franco Donatori, from the colours of the brass of the quartet of Manzoni, the composer who was closest to the dedicatee of the evening, also on a personal level, to Alessandro Melchiorre, whose composition for a string quartet and narrative voice will be opening his score to piano improvisations by Enrico Intra. A programme which lies on the borders between various musical styles placed in communication with each other, finding a way to become something new and particular together, which is, perhaps, the most profound sense of contemporary music and the ideas of the late Pestalozza, who instead of the word “music”, preferred “musics”.

XX edition
with the Civica Jazz Band
soloists Emilio Soana (trumpet), Roberto Rossi (trombone), Giulio Visibelli (saxophones and flute), Marco Vaggi (double bass), Tony  Arco (drums) and the students from the Civici Corsi di Jazz of the Civica Scuola di Musica C. Abbado, Milan
musical director Enrico Intra
artistic director Maurizio Franco

Teatro Strehler
Monday 26 february 2018, 9 p.m.
Tra jazz e musica eurocolta
a tribute to Luigi Pestalozza
 Franco Donatoni (Sweet Basil for trombone and big band), Giacomo Manzoni (Quadruplum for two trumpets and two trombones), Igor Stravinskij (Piano Rag Music), Darius Milhaud (Rag Caprices  n. 1 for piano solo), Alessandro Melchiorre (Lontanando For a string quartet and narrative voice, piano improvisation), Enrico Intra (Per una serenata for big band)
special guests Quartetto d’archi Icarus Ensemble
Matteo Ranellucci pianoforte
Simona Severini narrator
 Enrico Intra e Marco Visconti Prasca
in collaboration with Amici di Musica/Realtà

concert introduction by Maurizio Franco

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