Le avventure di Numero Primo

“Le avventure di Numero Primo” is a story about education which, however, does not concern the generation of the author of Album, who this time plays the role of father and narrator. The protagonist of the narration is called Ettore, a freelance war photographer, and Nicola (like the lead character in Album), who however prefers to be called Numero Primo (Prime Number), is his son, who came through the internet.
Ettore, together with the audience, gradually discovers the singularity of his son, his approach to the world and his “hidden powers”. But he will also discover the threats that gather around them and his life will be overturned, forcing his to travel in order to protect the son who resembles him so little but who will soon become his reason for living.
Le avventure di Numbero Primo” is a classic story with many trials for the protagonists to overcome. It is also a fantasy story which originates from the imagination but which is founded on an examination of the knowledge of physics, biology, neuroscience and robotics.
It can also be defined as a science-fiction story, but the dimension of theatre imposes a point of view and a style of narration which is completely different from that of cinema and written versions of the genre.
The environments and landscapes visited by the story are, as always, those dear to Paolini: Venice and its inland areas, from Garda to Trieste, from the Lagoon to the Alps. They are the same, yet, they differ, because they are imagined as they might be in the near future.
Paolini, and his co-author Gianfranco Bettin, began with a number of questions: what is the relationship that each of us has with the evolution of technology? How much of our lives does technology occupy? How much are we interested in knowing about it? What questions do we ask ourselves and what do we not ask regarding the rhythm of adaptation that technology imposes on us in order to stay up to date? How fine is the line between organic intelligence and artificial intelligence? If there is a direction for all of this movement, is there also a destination?

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 28 November to 10 Dicember 2017
Le avventure di Numero Primo
by and with Marco Paolini
written by Gianfranco Bettin and Marco Paolini
A Jolefilm production

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