MIT Jazz Festival e Orchestra Senza Confini

The 20th edition of Orchestra Senza Confini, the review connected to the educational and productive work of the Civica Jazz Band, the workshop run by Enrico Intra as part of the Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milan, will examine the female universe, looking at connections between cultured European music and jazz, and will take on a historical re-examination of jazz songs from between the 1930s and the 1950s.
The review begins in January with a concert entitled La canzone jazzata da Natalino Otto a Fred Buscaglione with the mandolin player and singer Freddy Colt, head of the San Kenton study centre in Sanremo.
The second appointment pays tribute to the great musician Luigi Pestalozza, a year on from his death. The concert Tra jazz e musica eurocolta, in collaboration with the Association Musica/Realtà, proposes excerpts from Stravinsky, Casella, Donatori and other composers who wrote “borderline” scores.
In March, the concert Jazz è donna will see performances from various exponents of a range of generations of female Italian jazz, who will be performing their own compositions with the Civica Jazz Band, including two first ladies of European jazz: Rita Marcotulli and Maria Pia De Vito in a concert dedicated to them, which will close the review.



Teatro Studio
5 December, 9 pm
programme to be defined with European Jazz composers
conductor Enrico Intra

Teatro Studio
6 December, 9 pm
Pages from Italian Jazz
Lydian Sound Orchestra
conductor Riccardo Brazzale

Teatro Strehler
7 December, 11 am
Duke Ellington "The River"
arranged and elaborated by Paolo Silvestri
world premiere
conducted by Paolo Silvestri
introduction to the concerts by Maurizio Franco

XX edition
with the Civica Jazz Band
soloists Emilio Soana (trumpet), Roberto Rossi (trombone), Giulio Visibelli (saxaphone and flute), Marco Vaggi (double bass),  Tony  Arco (drums)
and with the pupils of the Civici Corsi di Jazz of the C. Abbado Civica School of Music, Milan
musical director Enrico Intra
artistic director Maurizio Franco

La canzone jazzata da Natalino Otto a Fred Buscaglione
Original arrangements
guest artist Freddy Colt
with the special participation of Franco Cerri
conductor Enrico Intra
in collaboration with the Stan Kenton Cultural Centre of Sanremo

Tra jazz e musica eurocolta
a tribute to Luigi Pestalozza
 Stravinsky, Casella, Donatoni, Melchiorre, Manzoni
guests strings from the C. Abbado Civica School of Music, Milan
conductor Enrico Intra
in collaboration with Amici di Musica/Realtà

Il jazz è donna
with the Civica Jazz Band
conductor Enrico Intra

Il mondo musicale di Rita Marcotulli e Maria Pia De Vito
with the Civica Jazz Band
conductor Enrico Intra

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