MitJazz Festival - Italian way

The second edition of the MitJazz Festival at the Piccolo Teatro with the concerts Nor Sea, Nor Land, Nor Salty Waves at the Teatro Studio on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 9 p.m, Italian way at the Teatro Studio on Wednesday 6 December at 9 p.m., and Una Band per il Modern Jazz Quartet at the Teatro Strehler on Thursday 7 December at 11 a.m.

Often considered the best national group by Italian critics, the Lydian Sound Orchestra is a small band conducted by the composer and arranger Riccardo Brazzale, who has been creating original projects with this orchestra of soloists for almost thirty years.
For the MitJazz Festival, it is presenting a project dedicated to the music of Italian jazz musicians in which the repertoire is made up of original arrangements by great artists such as Enrico Intra, Enrico Rava, Claudio Fasoli, Roberto Rossi, Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Franco D’Andrea, Mauro Beggio, right up to Brazzale himself, a composer, arranger and musicologist whose work is rooted in the great compositional traditions of Duke Ellington, Gil Evans and Charles Mingus.

Before the concert, the young designer and artist Andrea Strizzi, specialised in comical portraits of musicians, and a past, well-received guest at the “Jazz al Piccolo” review, will be presenting an audio-visual work tied to the members of the Civica Jazz Band. 

Teatro Studio Melato
Wednesday 5 December 2017, 9 p.m.
Italian Way
Pages from Italian Jazz
with the Lydian Sound Orchestra
with Gianluca Carollo (trumpet, flugelhorn), Roberto Rossi (trombone), Robert Bonisolo (soprano, alto and tenor sax), Rossano Emili (baritone sax, clarinets), Giovanni Hoffer (horn), Glauco Benedetti (tuba), Paolo Birro (piano), Marc Abrams (double-bass), Mauro Beggio (drums), Vivian Grillo (vocals)
conductor Riccardo Brazzale
introduction to the concert by Maurizio Franco

World premiere

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