MitJazz Festival - Nor Sea, Nor Land, Nor Salty Waves

The second edition of the MitJazz Festival at the Piccolo Teatro with the concerts Nor Sea, Nor Land, Nor Salty Waves at the Teatro Studio on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 9 p.m, Italian way at the Teatro Studio on Wednesday 6 December at 9 p.m., and Una Band per il Modern Jazz Quartet at the Teatro Strehler on Thursday 7 December at 11 a.m.

Nor Sea, Nor Land, Nor Salty Waves is a recent and important production by the double-bass player and composer Roberto Bonati, an important exponent of a jazz which takes from European culture, written by the composer for the Bjersted Jazz Ensemble and published in a recent album with the same name as the concert.
The music forms a bridge over the relations between European jazz from Italy and Norway , and also does so with the presence, as guests, of a skilful Norwegian singer, Signe Irene Stangborli, and the Maestro Enrico Intra. For the occasion, the Civica Jazz Band widens its ranks with the addition of violins and bass clarinet, required by a music which is dense, rich with references to the euro-cultured world, and to Scandinavian jazz.
The concert has been organised with the planning of the Parmafrontiere festival.

Before the concert, the young designer and artist Andrea Strizzi, specialised in comical portraits of musicians, and a past, well-received guest at the “Jazz al Piccolo” review, will be presenting an audio-visual work tied to the members of the Civica Jazz Band. 


Teatro Studio Melato
Tuesday 5 December 2017, 9 p.m.
Nor Sea, Nor Land, Nor Salty Waves
with the Civica Jazz Band
guest Signe Irene Stangborli (vocals)
with Renata Vinci (bass clarinet), Eloisa Manera and Caterina Caramella (violins)
and with the participation of Enrico Intra
conductor Roberto Bonati

Concert introduction by Maurizio Franco

First performance in Milan
in collaboration with Parmafrontiere

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