Duration: 45 minutes

For the parents of Moun, their country, which is gripped by the folly of war, seems not to offer any hope for the future. In an act of desperation, they decide to abandon their only daughter at sea, in the hope that, far from the war, she will have a chance for salvation. Moun crosses the ocean inside a bamboo box and arrives “beyond” the sea, where she is found on a beach by another couple who take her to safety and adopt her. Moun grows up in a loving family, surrounded by brothers and sisters. However, the day comes when her true origins are revealed and Moun finds herself confronted with her own story...  Moun is a story which, despite examining serious themes such as abandonment, adoption, nostalgia and self-growth, transmits a great sense of serenity. A poetic lightness created on stage through shadow images in pastel shades, watercolours, and calm and relaxed rhythms, which create an atmosphere of peace for all of the action on stage, as well as the acting. The actress invokes the story of Moun with the use of a theatrical language which blends narration and dance with the entire repertoire of shadow techniques of the Teatro Gioco Vita. “The mass exodus of migrants in these past few months has rendered the story told in Moun dramatically “political”, but this is not what struck me at the time about the book by Rascal and Sophie”, explains the director Fabrizio Montecchi. “In order to ease her pain, Moun needs to know “why”: not “why the war?”, but “why did they abandon me?” Moun therefore does not need political answers, but existential ones, and it is for this reason that she searches within herself, until she ends up understanding and accepting that even abandonment can be a gesture of love which is to be repaid”.


Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 28 February to 4 March 2018
Carried by the foam and the waves
based on Moun by Rascal§
with Deniz Azhar Azari
directing and sets Fabrizio Montecchi
silhouettes Nicoletta Garioni (from illustrations by Sophie)
music Paolo Codognola
choreography Valerio Longo
costumes Tania Fedeli
lighting Anna Adorno
a Teatro Gioco Vita production
play produced in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
(Moun by Rascal is published by l’Ecole des loisirs)

for children from 5 to 10 years of age

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