Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes with no interval

“This evening I’m going to hire two musicians, I’m going to take them to the town’s square, and I'm going to make a splash! This evening all hell’s going to break lose...”. Thus Telemachus, the son of Ulysses who has never returned, takes to the stage and begins his show. Dressed as a variety artist, his face covered with whitening, Mario Perrotta stages his Odyssey, a presentation of popular tales, a blend of myth and daily life, Ithaca and Salento, the verse of Homer and the dialect of Lecce, and an epic based on suffered personal experience, accompanied by original music by Mario Arcari and Maurizio Pellizzari.
A story told from an unusual point of view. “there is a character in the Odyssey who has always caught my attention, a character who is not even remembered by many: Telemachus”, explains Perrotta. “I tried asking around and, in reality, many remember Ulysses’ dog, - Argo, I think...  - but not his son. But I have always been fascinated by him, because his wait has always been laden with interest. Telemachus has no memories of Ulysses, he has never seen him, he doesn’t know what he looks like, he has never heard the sound of his voice: for Telemachus, Ulysses is simply a person spoken of by others. He is the only character in the Odyssey who can create an image of Ulysses exactly as he likes. Telemachus’s thoughts are perhaps the only place where Ulysses can still be a hero”.  And so, he pulls no punches, either for himself or for others: he tells his version of the facts as he knows them and as he can. And every emotion takes shape, becomes words in music, a curtain raiser, flowing lines and dance, the fragments of the odyssey of a young man who is unable to hold together the pieces of a story - that of his father - which is no longer credible. “For Telemachus - says Perrotta - the wait is over: it’s time to perform”

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 17 to 22 April 2018
by and with Mario Perrotta
original live music performed by Mario Arcari and Maurizio Pellizzari
director's assistant Paola Roscioli
an Itc Teatro production
Teatro dell’Argine company

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