Socrate il sopravvissuto/come le foglie

Touring production
©Giulio Favotto

School and the forming of conscience presented through philosophy and tragedy. Between the hours preceding the execution of Socrates by order of the city, and the moment in which the student Vitaliano Caccia shoots dead the entire matriculation board, sparing only the philosophy teacher, a battle is waged against western thinking.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

In an era such as ours, characterised by whirlwind changes, the question of education seems to have become both a marginal theme and an insurmountable mountain, constantly and insufficiently bypassed by partial school reforms which mortify teachers and pupils and the very process of knowledge.
With Socrate il soptavvissuto Anagoor enters a classroom in a school just like many others. It does so by following the pages of the novel by Antonio Scurati, Il sopravvissuto, assuming the point of view of those whose place is before a group of youngsters, charged with their education. This is no theatrical representation of the novel: a number of the most emblematic pages of the book intertwine with other stories, other words, other dimensions of time: in this case the final moments of Socrate’s life, surrounded by his disciples before being sentenced to death.
Between the hours preceding the execution of Socrates by order of the city, as told by Plato in the Phaedo, and the moment in which the student Vitaliano Caccia shoots dead the entire matriculation board, sparing only the history and philosophy teacher, as told with brutal clarity in Antonio Scurati’s novel, a veritable battle is waged against western thinking, from its origins to its inevitable and tragic historical outcomes. Thus, two eternal questions are raised: the question of sense, an important doubt presented to the teacher, and the very question of the position of the teacher with regards to knowledge and to their disciples.

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

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The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 11 to 15 April 2018
Socrate il sopravvissuto/come le foglie
based on the novel Il Sopravvissuto by Antonio Scurati
with additions loosely inspired by Plato, Cees Nooteboom and Georges I. Gurdjieff
directed by Simone Derai
with Marco Menegoni, Iohanna Benvegna, Marco Ciccullo, Matteo D’Amore, Piero Ramella, Margherita Sartor, Massimo Simonetto, Mariagioia Ubaldi, Francesca Scapinello/Viviana Callegari/Eliza Oanca
costumes Serena Bussolaro e Simone Derai
music and sound design Mauro Martinuz
video by Simone Derai e Giulio Favotto
with Domenico Santonicola (Socrates), Piero Ramella (Alcibiades), Francesco Berton, Marco Ciccullo, Saikou Fofana, Giovanni Genovese, Elvis Ljede, Jacopo Molinari, Piermaria Muraro, Massimo Simonetto
masks Silvia Bragagnolo e Simone Derai
aerial shots Tommy ilai and Camilla Marcon
concept and editing Simone Derai and Giulio Favotto
director of photography and post production Giulio Favotto / Otium
stageplay Simone Derai and Patrizia Vercesi
an Anagoor 2016 production
Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Centrale Fies co-production with the support of Bando ORA! Linguaggi Contemporanei produzioni innovativeRete Critica award 2016 – show of the year
Nominated as show of the year at the UBI award 2016
Critics award 2016, National Theatrical Critics Association
Hystrio Awards 2016 for directing 

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