Baile de Autor

Duration: one hour and 20 minutes without interval

Alongside the traditional summer event, Milano Flamenco Festival is offering an Autumn preview with the company led by Manuel Liñan, a dancer and choreographer who has already been warmly received by the audiences of the Piccolo in recent years.
The programme presents Baile de Autor, a show - according to Liñan, which is “born from my passion for dance and my desire to “constuct” and “deconstruct” choreography. Following my most recent shows, in which I staged personal and artistic fears and thoughts, with Baile de Autor, I have sought to return to essential dance, involving the audience in the creative aspect of the construction of a show, accompanied by the guitar and the singing of two brilliant “companions” who are very much a reflection of my personality and aesthetic taste.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
18 November 2018
Baile de Autor
Milano Flamenco Festival/Preview
dance and choreography Manuel Liñan
vocals David Carpio
guitar Manuel Valencia
lighting Alvaro Estrada, sound Kike Cabañas
Manuel Liñan company
organisation Maria Rosaria Mottola for Punto Flamenco
in collaboration with Ente Spagnolo del Turismo a Milano

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