Dio ride. Nish Koshe

Duration: one hour and 40 minutes without interval

Based on the model of Oylem Goylem, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, Moni Ovadia presents his new show, Dio ride, the sub-title of which, Nish Koshe, means “so-so” in Yiddish.
The star is the old wandering Jewish man, with new stories and new music: “A raft in the shape of a small stage came to the theatre twenty-five years ago - writes Moni Ovadia -. It carried five musicians and a narrator by the name of Simkha Rabinovich, who told stories of exiled people and sang their songs. After a quarter of a century, Simkha and his companions return to continue the story of that eternally-waiting population, to examine their explosive spirituality with the style that allowed them to become the vehicles for an impossible but necessary, rhapsodical and transfigured story, made up of tales and music, of short readings and reflections, in search of a present yet absent divinity, a saviour who seeks redemption in the march of women, men and living creatures towards a world of justice and peace”.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 2 to 14 October 2018
Dio ride
Nish Koshe

written and performed by Moni Ovadia
and with the live music by the Moni Ovadia Stage Orchestra: Maurizio Dehò, Luca Garlaschelli, Albert Florian Mihai, Paolo Rocca, Marian Serban
lighting Cesare Agoni, Sergio Martinelli
sets, costumes and image processing Elisa Savi, audio project Mauro Pagiaro
directed by Moni Ovadia
a CTB Centro Teatrale Bresciano and Corvino Produzioni production

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