Don Giovanni di Mozart secondo l’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

Duration: one hour and 20 minutes without interval

“We are used to the idea of a prankster Don Giovanni, who often pretends to be someone else - says Mario Tronco, the artistic director of the Orchestra and the director of the opera together with Andrea Renzi -. Costumes and masks are the most irresistible of temptations for him. One could almost say, to quote Fedele d’Amico, that it is not so much his tricking women for the pleasure of the conquest that gives him pleasure, but more the attempt to conquer them in order to trick them”.
Among the arias, duets and ensemble pieces, the characters of the opera enter into the depths of their stories, rendered vivid and up-to-date by the linguistic and musical guises created by Mario Tronco, Leandro Piccioni and Pino Pecorelli. Don Giovanni, like a born-again Cab Calloway, moves in an imaginary1920s-style Music Club which is, at the same time, very contemporary, where he conducts his orchestra and his destiny, driven by freedom and perdition.
“The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio – explains Andrea Renzi – tells us, through its music, that a city square offers an idea of a world theatre, if one knows where to look”.  The cast also includes Mama Marjas (Zerlina), reggae singer, Omar Lopez Valle (a Cuban Leporello), the Albanian opera singer Hersi Matmuja (Donna Elvira), the Brazilian Evandro Dos Reis (Don Ottavio), the Tunisian Houcine Ataa (Masetto)and, for her first project with the Orchestra, Simona Boo (Donna Anna), since 2015 vocalist for the famous Neapolitan band 99 Posse. They will be transforming the libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte into a multilingual version which embraces Italian, French, Arabic and Portuguese.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 29 to 31 May 2019
Don Giovanni di Mozart secondo l’Orchestra di piazza Vittorio
(Mozart’s Don Giovanni interpreted by the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio)

with Petra Magoni, Simona Boo, Hersi Matmuja, Mama Marjas, Evandro Dos Reis, Omar Lopez Valle, Houcine Ataa

piano Leandro Piccioni
double bass Pino Pecorelli
drum Davide Savarese
guitars Emanuele Bultrini
keyboards Andrea Pesce
musical elaborations Mario Tronco, Leandro Piccioni, Pino Pecorelli
artistic directing and directing Mario Tronco 

sets Barbara Bessi
costumes Ortensia de Francesco
light design Daniele Davino
projections/illustrations Daniele Spanò

directed by Andrea Renzi
musical director Leandro Piccioni

a Fondazione Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Bellini production
original production
Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Le nuits de Fourvière - Lione 2017

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