Finale di partita

Duration: 75’ without interval

In a post-atomic room-refuge, four characters play a pseudo chess game (the origin of the title): there is Hamm, blind and paralysed, his parents, Nagg and Nell, two stumps living in two rubbish bins, and Clov, Hamm’s servant, who is never allowed to sit. In order to survive, Hamm and Clov rely on each other: only Clov can feed Hamm, and only Hamm holds the keys to the larder.
“It is the tragedy of life that becomes a farce - it is the farce of life that becomes a tragedy”, claims Glauco Mauri, returning to Beckett together with Roberto Sturno, an author who he defines as “a beloved travelling companion who I have always considered not as a writer of the theatre of the absurd, but as a great poet on mankind’s struggles with life”.
“Speaking about Beckett - continues the director Andrea Baracco - means speaking about the senselessness of the human condition, the unfathomableness of the universe and humanity, and the attempt to express the inexpressible on many important themes”.

The Beckett–Kurtág project
There is an affinity which unites the Piccolo Teatro, the Teatro alla Scala, and Milano Musica with regards to Samuel Beckett and György Kurtág. While the Piccolo stages Finale di partita by the Irish playwright, the Piermarini sees the world premiere of Fin de partie (15, 17, 20, 22, 24 and 25 November), composition and dramaturgy by György Kurtág based on the original pièce. Activities dedicated to György Kurtág and his relationship with Beckett are also programmed for the 27th Festival Milano Musica György Kurtág. Ascoltando Beckett (20 October – 26 November), with concerts on 21 October (the Philharmonic Orchestra of la Scala), 9 and 11 November (the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra of Milan) and 19 November (the RAI National Symphonic orchestra).
The figure of Beckett is at the centre of the four appointments - two at the Chiostro Nina Vinchi and two at the Teatro all Scala - with the participation of protagonists, scholars and experts in Beckett’s work.
In particular, the Piccolo is screening the extraordinary Giorni felici with Giulia Lazzarini, directed by Giorgio Strehler.
Spectators who have a ticket or subscription voucher for one of the shows or concerts in the “Beckett - Kurtág Project” have the right to buy a discounted ticket for all of the events in the programme. This is an opportunity to explore the “world” of Beckett and to further examine his profound influence on twentieth century art.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 23 October to 04 November 2018
Finale di partita (Endgame)
by Samuel Beckett
directed by Andrea Baracco
sets and costumes Marta Crisolini Malatesta
music Giacomo Vezzani
with Glauco Mauri Roberto Sturno
and with Marcella Favilla, Mauro Mandolini
a Compagnia Glauco Mauri Roberto Sturno production

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