Il costruttore Solness

Duration: One hour and 40 minutes without inteval

Solness, an elderly and successful construction entrepreneur, shows hostility towards the young, due to his fear of being superseded. The very young Hilde knocks on his door; she reminds him of a meeting and a promise that he made to her at the beginning of his success, that he would return at the height of his success. Solness does not remember and is tormented by the sense of guilt for an episode which is the origin of his social, professional and economic fortune, but also of the unhappiness between him and hiis wife. Hilde offers him a possible way to redeem himself...
"It is the story pf many assassins - explains Umberto Orsini, who plays the lead role -. Young people who kill the old by leading them to be young, and old people who kill themselves in the attempt to achieve the impossible youthful passion”.
"Solness feeds on the lives of the women that surround him – explains the director Alessandro Serra – but the young Hilde, who enters his life with a subtle and implacable energy, will be fatal and will accompany him, lovingly, right to the edge of the precipice.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 16 April to 12 May 2019
Il costruttore Solness
from Henrik Ibsen
by Alessandro Serra
with Umberto Orsini  in the role of Solness
and Lucia Lavia (Hilde), Renata Palminiello (Aline), Pietro Micci (Dottor Herald), Chiara Degani (Kaja), Salvo Drago (Ragnar)
and with Flavio Bonacci in the role of Knut Brovik
Compagnia Orsini and Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria production

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