Il servo

Duration: two hours and 15 minutes with interval

Andrea Renzi and Pierpaolo Sepe stage Robin Maugham’s masterpiece on the unhealthy relationship between the butler Barrett and the rich London lawyer Tony. Apparently attentive and kind, Barrett gradually invades Tony’s life and mind, overturning the relationship and placing his “master” at his mercy.
“A metaphor for a society which inverts roles and classes - says Sepe - the piece tells of the revenge of the weak and malicious “unfortunates”, forced to serve other men who are in all senses their equals yet, despite this, have a senseless right which all of the threatening anger of the servants opposes”. The perverse game also sees the entrance of the friend-witness of the situation, Richard, Tony’s girlfriend Sally, and the mysterious Vera and Mabel.
For Andrea Renzi: “The work of the actors is absorbed into the stage play which has emerged from the short story by Maugham and aims to bring forth that which lies hidden and beating, living and unwholesome, behind every word, lending a vibration to the enigmatic foundation of the individual characters”.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 17 to 25 November 2018
Il servo
by Robin Maugham
translated by Lorenzo Pavolini
with (in order of appearance) Tony Laudadio, Federica Sandrini, Andrea Renzi, Lino Musella, Maria Laila Fernandez
directed by Andrea Renzi, Pierpaolo Sepe
sets Francesco Ghisu
costumes Annapaola Brancia d’Apricena
light design Cesare Accetta
a Casa del Contemporaneo-Centro di Produzione \ Teatri Uniti \ Teatro Stabile di Napoli-Teatro Nazionale \ Napoli Teatro Festival Italia (NTFI) production

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