La tempesta

Duration: 2h and 15 minutes with an interval

Roberto Andò began to think about staging La tempesta by Shakespeare while he was preparing to film The Prince's Manuscript, dedicated to Tomasi di Lampedusa, identifying a subtle link between Prospero and Don Fabrizio Salina, the protagonist of The leopard.
“I read - he explains - that which Lampedusa himself had written about The tempest in order to explain it to his pupils. He speaks as though it were a last leap of Shakespeare’s imagination, fuelled by an uncontrolled vivacity. The tempest forms part of that anthology of works united by lateness, through which a wide range of very different writers have expressed their own relationship with the world and with time in a dramatic form. But in Shakespeare’s masterpiece, everything appears to be harmonised - it is no coincidence that it is a fable - and the author instils a new spirit of reconciliation and serenity”. In the role of Prospero, Renato Carpentieri, “an actor - the director continues - who has reached the essence of his remarkable talent”.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler
from 14 to 26 May 2019
La tempesta
by William Shakespeare
translated by Nadia Fusini
adapted by Roberto Andò and Nadia Fusini
directed by Roberto Andò
sets Gianni Carluccio
costumes Daniela Cernigliaro
music Franco Piersanti 
light designer Angelo Linzalata
sound Hubert Westkemper 
with Renato Carpentieri, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Filippo Luna, Giulia Andò, Paolo Briguglia, Paride Benassa, Gaetano Bruno, Fabrizio Falco
a Teatro Biondi Palermo production

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