Mitipretese – Troiane/frammenti di tragedia

Touring production
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An original re-visitation of the tragedy by Euripides, which hints of other classic and contemporary authors. The play tells of a female universe of courage, focusing on a group of women - mothers, daughters, sisters, wives - who all share the status of victims.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

The Piccolo plays host to a mini-retrospective dedicated to Mitipretese, the group created in 2006 by Manuela Mandracchia, Alvia Reale, Sandra Toffolatti and Mariángeles Torres, creating a place in which dramaturgy, directing, scenography and actor directing could be the result of a collective work which, together with Mauro De Santis, has led to the creation of a number of plays, including Roma ore 11 from 2006, Troiane/Frammenti di tragedia from 2013 and Festa di famiglia from 2009, which will all be staged at the Teatro Studio Melato.

The story of the final act of the Trojan War. The city has been destroyed, robbed of all its treasures and set alight, the men and children killed, the women imprisoned in a camp, where they await their destiny as slaves.
Taking the tragedy by Euripides as its cue, and drawing on other classic and contemporary authors - Homer, Seneca, Ovid, Sartre, Lycophron - Manuela Mandracchia, Alvia Reale, Sandra Toffolatti and Mariángeles Torres tell the story of four fundamental figures, Hecuba, Andromache, Cassandra and Helen.
The result is a fascinating and emotional play, rich with recollections and echoes of memory, conserving a perfect balance between Myth and History.
“At times the language and the form of the ancient tragedies seem distant, and not innediately understandable - explain the four actresses and directors -. Cultural references have changed, as has the mental structure of individuals. But at the same time, we can say that nothing has changed. What is frightening is the correlation between the play and the wars that continue to take place in the present”.
Thus, Hecuba, Andromache, Cassandra and Helen become symbolic figures, representing all the mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, victims of violence and war, able, despite everything, to express a female universe made up of courage and reassertion of life.

Duration: 70 minutes without interval

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato
from 14 to 19 May 2019
Troiane/frammenti di tragedia
from Euripides
with Manuela Mandracchia/Irene Petris*, Alvia Reale, Sandra Toffolatti, Mariángeles Torres
lighting and sets Mauro De Santis
music Francesco Santalucia
adapted for the stage and directed by Mitipretese
a Centro di Produzione Teatrale La Fabbrica dell’Attore – Teatro Vascello (Roma), Centro Teatrale Bresciano production

* Manuela Mandracchia will be substituted by Irene Petris for the performances on 14-15-16-17 May; she will be performing on 18 and 19 May 

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