Duration: 1 h with no interval

Scannasurice, literally “rat killer”, is a transvestite, a subject without sexual identity, a metaphor for incompleteness and unsuitability, as only Moscato’s femminielli know how to be. Scannasurice lives in the labyrinth of the Spanish Quarter, in a hovel filled with rubbish and objects which are symbols of their owner’s precarious nature, in the company of rats, a metaphor for the Neapolitans, with which the transvestite has developed a love-hate relationship.

Performed by an extraordinary Imma Villa, with the rigorous directing of Carlo Cerciello, the play tells of the “mysteriosophic” descent into the underworld of a character who crosses the earthquake-stricken faults of all that is Neapolitan. The piece carries the evident marks of an earthquake that is both physical, striking Naples in 1980, and metaphorical, the existential tremors of the protagonist.   

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 14 to 19 May 2019
by Enzo Moscato
directed by Carlo Cerciello
with Imma Villa
sets Roberto Crea
costumes Daniela Ciancio
sound Hubert Westkemper
original music Paolo Coletta
light design Cesare Accetta
an Elledieffe, Teatro Elicantropo production

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