Alla caccia del Teatro – Benvenuti al Piccolo

Duration: one hour without interval

«Two actor-explorers meet in the theatre, with a mystery to solve and a precious treasure to discover - says the director Davide Gasparro - together with them, the young spectators of Alla caccia del Teatro - Benvenuti al Piccolo discover the various areas of the Teatro Strehler through a treasure hunt with clues, challenges to pass and new things to learn. What is the most precious treasure that one can find in a theatre? A script, a costume, a prop or an entire play? Perhaps the greatest treasure that one could find at the Piccolo Teatro is the element that holds everything together: the choice of creating theatre in a wholly special way, with love and attention for every detail, creating Art, without forgetting the audience. It is not a chest full of coins, or even a precious item, but at times treasures can prove to be invisible».

The show will lead spectators through various areas of the theatre: the foyer, the auditorium, the archive, the costume department, the props department, the dressing rooms, finishing in the Scatola Magica, a little theatre within the theatre, in which the participants will piece together all of the treasures collected during the hunt, finally creating that which is most precious, even if it is invisible: The Theatre.

Piccolo Teatro Strehler – Scatola Magica
October 2019
March 2020

Alla caccia del Teatro
Benvenuti al Piccolo

by Davide Gasparro
with Marica Mastromarino and Claudio Pellerito
A Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa production

for children from 6 years of age

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