La parola giusta

Touring production
©Masiar Pasquali

2019 marks the 45th anniversary of the Piazza della Loggia massacre and the 50th anniversary of that of Piazza Fontana. In remembering the two events, the project offers a reading of the recent past, which re-examines the rich and intricate chain of events as well as the political, social and cultural circumstances which led to the emergence of a strategy of subversion and armed combat.

Piccolo Teatro Grassi

The Piccolo returns to reflect on terrorism, and the confrontation between the strategy of tension and democratic reaction in the five year period between 1969 and 1974, marked by two terrorist attacks which shook Italy, now sharing with the Centro Teatroale Bresciano a process which began long ago and which is deeply rooted in the history of the Theatre in Via Rovello. In 2009 the Piccolo dedicated a day of remembrance to Piazza Fontana on the fortieth anniversary of the massacre, re-opening to the city its original location, following two years of restoration work which had also brought to light the splendid Renaissance cloister which was named in honour of Nina Vinchi.

For another fortieth anniversary, that in 2014, of the attack on Piazza della Loggia, the Piccolo collaborated with the Teatro Grande in Brescia on the project “Il sogno di una cosa”, a contemporary opera by Mauro Montabetti, with the libretto by Marco Baliani, who also directed, while the music was performed by the Sentieri Selvaggi ensemble conducted by Carlo Boccadoro.

Now, as was the case at the time, 50 years on from Piazza Fontana and 45 from Piazza della Loggia, the show La parola giusta, co-produced by the Piccolo and the Centro Teatrale Bresciano, and the project La stagione inquieta della repubblica, of which it forms part, still expresses the urgent need to re-examine such a complex period , not so much for a sense of justice, long overdue, but for the need to find the truth on which the present and future of any civil coexistence is founded.

This drive to resist and to believe in a positive future is lent a voice by the narrative talent and the vibrant civil passion of Lella Costa.

La parola giusta is part of the project La stagione inquieta della repubblica, an articulated programme aimed at analysing the important events that shook the country during the years of political terrorism.

Duration: 80 minutes

The Playbill

Piccolo Teatro Grassi
from 2 to 6 October 2019
La parola giusta
by Marco Archetti
with the collaboration of Lella Costa and Gabriele Vacis
directed by Gabriele Vacis
with Lella Costa
scenography, lighting and style Roberto Tarasco
a Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, Centro Teatrale Bresciano co-production

The show is part of the commemorations of the massacres in Piazza della Loggia and Piazza Fontana and is carried out with the support of the Municipality of Brescia and the Municipality of Milan, under the patronage of the Casa della Memoria di Brescia and Milan



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