maggio '43 – URBANA New Living

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©Giuseppe Distefano

Davide Enia, accompanied by the music of Giulio Barocchieri, tells of 1943, a crucially important year for Palermo and its people, with the bombings that destroyed the city before the Allies landed, discovering that this dark period tragically resembles our present.

Urbana New Living - via Rizzoli 47, Milano

The strategic importance of the port of Palermo during the Second World War became tragically clear to its citizens in the spring of 1943, when the city began to suffer an increasing number of bombing runs by the Allies, who were preparing to land on the Sicilian coast on 9 July of the same year. Exactly two months earlier, Palermo had suffered the first carpet bombing in Italy. In less than twenty minutes, Anglo-American planes dropped 1570 bombs on the city. “The city of Palermo gutted and left lying in a mass of blood and rubble... the houses and even the roads are gone, and the dust and smoke make it practically impossible to see anything. In any case, the few things visible are unrecognisable”.

This work by Davide Enia draws inspiration from a series of interviews with people who experienced and miraculously survived this period. Taking his cue from their accounts and from fragments of memory, the dramatic narration deconstructs, reweaves and re-elaborates these accounts, bringing them together in a single story, that of Gioacchino, a twelve-year-old witness to this horror. The words of Enia, accompanied by the music of Giulio Barocchieri, tells of “dark times, in which people struggled to stay alive - writes Davide Enia -. They were horrific times, in which death came suddenly from above, or from the depths of the black markets, which throttled people with exorbitant prices. They were malignant and false times, cynical and deceitful. Not unlike present days”.

Duration: one hour and 40 minutes without interval

The Playbill

URBANA New Living – via Rizzoli, 47 Milano
3 July 2020, 9.30 p.m.
maggio ‘43
by and with Davide Enia
live music Giulio Barocchieri
Fondazione Sipario Toscana, Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri production

In collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo
The shows form part of the "Aria di Cultura" programme organised by the Municipality of Milan

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