On Wednesday 2 September the performance will be broadcast live at mare culturale urbano at n. 15, Via Gabetti

“It is the power of brilliant intuition – says Nadia Fusini in the introduction to the Einaudi edition – that makes Frankenstein a timeless masterpiece. Right from the first edition of the novel (1818), the story of the monster created in a laboratory has fed a legend that has survived the centuries and has become part of our collective imaginations. “I had been thinking about Frankenstein for some time - explained Elio De Capitani - and in 2017, exactly two centuries since the story was createdI decided. Because in these times, Frankenstein communicates more to us than he ever has before. Now, as we find ourselves in the midst of a truly harmful form of emotional tension with others, whose diversity can make them appear as monsters, Mary Shelley’s creature is capable of bringing forth the most deep-set emotions that characterise our era and of capturing the contradictions of a society in a critical moment in its existence. Something that is typical of the great legends. The theme of Frankenstein is the ugliness and physical monstrosity of a creature that is potentially characterised by infinite gentleness, but which is prone to the ferocious and relentless ire of desperation. A theme that is extreme but illuminating. Do we not feel the need to be a part of the human community if we are not visually rewarded? My narration focuses on the central part of the novel, with the examination of the point of view of the “creature”. This is where Mary Shelley allows the monster, constructed in the laboratory by Doctor Frankenstein from sections of corpses, to express itself. It is one of the most touching moments in the story".
"The reason that this novel has survived the centuries  – continues Nadia Fusini – is because it sees the triumph of the legend, in the sense of a story. In other words, the strength of the story lies in the idea. Thus the writer - perhaps unintentionally, but for this reason even more brilliantly - the profound emotional tensions of her time, the contradictions of a society in a critical moment in its existence”.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi
from 2 to 4 September 2020, 9.30 p.m.
Elio De Capitani narrates
Frankenstein, il racconto del mostro
based on "Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelley
drawings by Ferdinando Bruni
voice of Doctor Frankenstein Ferdinando Bruni
lighting Nando Frigerio, sound Gionata Bettini
director’s assistant Alessandro Frigerio
a Teatro dell’Elfo production

In collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo
The shows form part of the "Aria di Cultura" programme organised by the Municipality of Milan

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In the event of bad weather, the shows will be performed in the Teatro Grassi. Assigned seats will be indicated on the seats in the auditorium.


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