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Three voices of African origin from Italy and the world accompany the audience in a reading to music that provokes an artistic deconstruction of media violence, self-determinations and intersectional feminism.

Chiostro Nina Vinchi

Addes, Ndack and Wii recompose a disintegrated Italy. After having invaded the continent, stolen women and raped jobs, after having studied in Italian and eaten African, the next objective is to take our future: Millennials and Generation Z moving towards an imaginary future that would strike fear into the heart of Garibaldi.
The authors, three voices of African origin from Italy and the world accompany the audience in a reading to music that provokes an artistic deconstruction of media violence, self-determinations and intersectional feminism.
An evening that aims to provide a space for creative resistance, a decentralised point of view that relies on hegemonic narration to focus attention on certain automatisms of thought, and of language.

The evening, which forms part of the cycle of events Ogni volta unica la fine del mondo, aligns with the philosophy behind sostenere lo sguardo, proposing a collective exercise in perception. As spectators and artists, we ask ourselves how we can aid our planet by looking at it through different eyes; how to focus attention on events, objects and living creatures in order to assess our relationship with the world from foreign and wild points of view.

Wii (Khouribga, 1994) lives in Bologna. A student of foreign languages and literature, she is a trans-feminist activist with an interest in art and literature, and in particular in hip-hop culture and poetry. She has written articles for “Jacobin Italia”, “Agenzia X” and “MoodMagazine”. She has actively participated with her art, paintings and poetry in cultural events such as Slam X, Salone del libro and Chromopolis. She founded the magazine “Antirazine” in collaboration with Razzismo Quante Storie.

Ndack Mbaye (Dakar, 1992) lives in Ferrara, as well as in Venice and Udine. She has a Law degree, and is involved in divulgation, writing for a wide range of online portals. She operates in the field of associations and collaborates with Razzismo Quante Storie. One of her stories has been published by the magazine-boom “CTRL Magazine”, and another is due to form part of the anthology Circospetti ci muoviamo. Genova: avere vent’anni published by effequ and due to be released in July. Her first novel is due to be published in 2022, again by effequ.

Addes Tesfamariam (Milan,1985) moved to the Netherlands after studying Political Science at the University of Milan, where she studied Social Linguistics, researching and writing on identity, the African Diaspora and Italianness. She currently lives and works in Milan, where she continues to focus on the African Diaspora and the representation of identity.

Duration: 40 minutes without interval

The Playbill

afrothings, istallazione 2G e un futuro fantastico
with Wii, Ndack Mbaye and Addes Tesfamariam
and with the musicians Filippo Orefice and Tommaso Giordani aka TOI
in collaboration with effequ

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